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A Trailer For My RPG!

Journal Entry: Wed May 13, 2015, 2:15 AM

I've been working on this game by myself for the past few months; it's a reboot of something I made many moons ago. It's finally almost ready to be released now, which is exciting! And somewhat scary. But mostly exciting! Maybe.

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A Trailer For My RPG!

Journal Entry: Wed May 13, 2015, 2:15 AM

I've been working on this game by myself for the past few months; it's a reboot of something I made many moons ago. It's finally almost ready to be released now, which is exciting! And somewhat scary. But mostly exciting! Maybe.

Mental Monsters Made Manifest by Pseudolonewolf
Mental Monsters Made Manifest
I needed/wanted to include some illustrations on the page which describes my game, and I thought I might as well upload them here too!

This one represents the nature of miasmon: they're basically just thoughts come to life. Well, not really *life*; they're just phantasms, no more alive than the beasts in dreams. Still, they are your inner demons dancing and snarling in the real world, so that can be quite stressful if not handled properly!
Summoning a Rabbish by Pseudolonewolf
Summoning a Rabbish
I needed/wanted to include some illustrations on the page which describes my game, and I thought I might as well upload them here too!

This one represents how you the game allows you to tame and summon miasmon, which are essentially just thoughts and feelings given form as animal-like things. You don't capture and train them like Pokemon, but rather you 'tame' them through understanding, and make peace with the fact that they're a part of you. Once you've done that, you can call upon them just like you might call upon any thought or feeling from the past in order to deal with new situations, which causes them to manifest briefly before returning to the miasma from which they came.
Meraeadyth and Sylvia by Pseudolonewolf
Meraeadyth and Sylvia
I needed/wanted to include some illustrations on the page which describes my game, and I thought I might as well upload them here too!

This one represents the game's focus on interpersonal relationships between characters rather than, say, action or violence or what-have-you. In particular, you can have any two of your party members interact with one another, rather than just having the protagonist interact with them while they ignore one another.

Meraeadyth is a 15-year-old inventor who values logic and reason, while Sylvia is a 66-year-old shaman who values nature and spirituality. They don't exactly see eye-to-eye!
Rohoph by Pseudolonewolf
Yet more quick, sloppy, even more full-of-errors character art from my soon-to-be-released game, MARDEK, which you can read about on!

Rohoph is a deity who ends up sharing a body with Mardek in order to save the world by becoming its ruler.

I designed his appearance carefully, and many parts of it are symbolic, but it's not worth explaining here.


Tobias Cornwall
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I love reading long bios on people's profiles, so this may be quite long!

My Work

I've been working as an independent games developer for a few years, specialising in RPGs made in Flash. I do all the work on them myself: the art, code, writing, and music, and I probably go overboard with all of those things! Some of my games were moderately successful a few years ago; two of them got daily deviations and everything! Wow, gasp! I just know you'll be impressed by my pair of DDs. I don't mind if you stare.

It's a very isolating path to follow, though, working on games alone from home, and I haven't finished a game in a while because of this loneliness... I'm hoping to change that soon, though!!

I've always been into fantasy art, particularly dragons, though I've been getting into drawing humans recently. I really like expressive, emotional pieces and strongly stylised styles! Art is likely to remain a hobby for me, though I do use my art skills - such as they are - to make the graphics for my games.

My Personality

I'd describe myself as introverted, sensitive, and empathetic; I feel what you feel, and I hate to hurt. I've gone through life feeling 'different' from others when it comes to core values... but I love finding those rare people I can relate to on a deep and meaningful level!

I currently have only online acquaintances and no close friends, and I lost all my in-person friends when moving country a few years ago (and met none while making games from home, because how would I?), so I'm sort of on the lookout for people I can form meaningful and entertaining bonds with! I've met some wonderful people on this site in the past, so I really hope that I can do so again! I feel rather rusty when it comes to talking to others, though, so sorry if I'm awkward at first!

I particularly like lending an empathetic ear to people who want someone to talk about their worries with, as I know how it is to want someone to talk to in a deeper way like that and get understanding and support in return. I've had difficulties with anxiety, depression and loneliness in the past - indeed, they still plague me at least somewhat - so I'd be particularly able to relate to concerns like that.

I'm single, and really wish this wasn't so but have no idea how I'd ever possibly meet anyone! It's terrifying, quite frankly!

The silly INFJ ~ EII ~ 4w5-5w4-9w1 Sx/So thing I have below my name up there is my PERSONALITY TYPES. I'm somewhat obsessed with those personality type system things, because I love learning more about why people do the things they do, and why people don't act the same way as myself. Discovering them was really enlightening!

I'm actually working on a website about personality types, which you can see here if you're curious:

A brief summary:

:bulletblue: INFJ - Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging: I am introverted, and am drained by interactions but really seek deep bonds. I'm intuitive, which means I focus more on abstract concepts and fantasies over real-life practical things. I'm 'feeling', which means that I value emotions, understanding and support over cold logic, facts, or blunt problem-solving. The 'judging' bit is harder to explain, but it basically means I tend to prefer planning rather than spontaneity.

:bulletblue: EII - Ethical Intuitive Introvert: This is similar to INFJ, but it means that I specifically love to talk about personal things on a deeper level, and I'm always seeking them out. I share my own thoughts and feelings and love doing the same with others, getting to know them at their core. However, I tend to assess whether or not I may be 'compatible' with someone when I talk to them, and the idea of talking at length with someone very unlike me worries me due to a fear of conflict.

:bulletblue: 4w5 - Enneatype 4 is all about feeling different from others. They are emotionally sensitive, they see beauty in melancholy, and they worry a lot about the things that set them apart from others. It isn't a case of being a 'special snowflake'; rather, it's a worry about being unable to genuinely connect on a deep and meaningful level. They are also very open and honest about their feelings and weaknesses rather than trying to seem better or more enigmatic than they are. 4w5 means a type 4 with traits of type 5, described below.

:bulletblue: 5w4 - Enneatype 5 is all about concerns with competence. Type 5s retreat away from the world to work on their skills, feeling that they can only face the world when they master a specific ability. They tend to be introverted observers rather than active participants, and have an intellectual vibe about them.

:bulletblue: 9w1 - Enneatype 9 seeks peace and calmness, avoiding conflict; they hate to be a bother to others. Type 1 is very moral and responsible; perfectionistic, even. 9w1 combines traits of the two.

:bulletblue: Sx/So - This basically means that I value, look for, think about and worry about intense intimacy, and how other people feel about me, rather than about being safe or comfortable. As such, I bare my heart freely in the hope that someone will think "I can relate to that!" and approach me, from which an intense relationship might blossom, rather than being guarded and secretive in order to avoid harm.

Hopefully that's not all just confusing and annoying!

Things I like or don't!

I make and like games, mostly RPGs! Here is a list of some of my favourites:

• Final Fantasy
• Pokemon
• The Legend of Zelda
• Ni No Kuni
• Journey
• Chrono Trigger
• Neverwinter Nights
• Earthbound and MOTHER 3
• Xenoblade Chronicles
• The Last Story
• Tales of the Abyss
• Eternal Sonata
• Mario & Luigi series
• Jade Cocoon
• Okami
• Spyro (original trilogy)
• Ristar
• Super Mario World
• Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus
• Vagrant Story
• Monster Rancher 2
• Shadow of the Colossus
• Knytt

I don't like shooters and other dark and gritty violent things, however!

In general, I really like 'soft' and sensitive people; kindness, empathy, things like that. I like people who care!

I don't like aggression and apathy, however; people who don't care, or who hurt others for fun. Many things stem from this; I don't like guns, violence, or horror, for example. I also don't drink, smoke or do drugs... though I wish it were easier to find others who don't either! We seem to be so rare!

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h911420666 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015
are you an SJW ? because you unironically changed your own characters' race and gender which is pointless
Lavender-Dreamer Featured By Owner Edited May 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I wanna ask you (cuz I know you're a little into the enneagram) what would my type rather be, 7w6 or 7w8, and what are the differences between them?

Smiling Pug 

I'm a dreamer, really funny, optimistic person, with many ideas and joy so it'd match 7w6 I guess, right?
But I'm also really honest, motivated, firm, with many life goals, thirst for adventure and self-confidence. That's probably 7w8.

Although, I know (I guess I know) that 7w6 wants very much to be accepted and often doesn't feel good about themselves. That's not me. I mean, it's good to be accepted but it's not my life goal. And I feel good about myself so...

Also, 7w8 is, how I read, very agressive, materialistic realist. And it's not me, too. I mean, sometimes I am just a little agressive (aren't all of us?), unless it's something really, really big what makes me mad. And I'm not realist. I'm big optimist.

So, if you've read this, thank you. Maybeee you'll answer me, maybe not. Anyway, maybe you know if I'm more like 7w6 or 7w8?

(ppfff I know I am the one who should've known that but it's so hard to fit in all those psychotests, ennagrams, mbti's etc.)
Eiennihenk-timtoborn Featured By Owner Edited May 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Now, I only ask this, because I don't know if this MARDEK reboot will give me closure, I'll still play it, and most likely enjoy it for what it is, however I HAVE to know if this reboot will still have a similar plot and plot resolution that the first games did.

TL;DR: I'm asking, does the MARDEK reboot have the same story the first 3 games did?
JunoOfJetForce Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
Just wondering. Has Fig Hunter seriously borked itself again or have you taken it down for some unexplained reason? I've tried getting on recently only to get this:

Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user 'yalort'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home4/yalort/public_html/charcoal/code/config.php on line 15
MySQL connection failed!! Gosh darnit all to heck!! Error: Access denied for user 'yalort'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

Anyone else have this issue?
Arkanus528 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015
It's been like this for a good week or two now at least. :( If he's planning on shelving the site now I guess all things come to an end at some point, but I wish he'd at least say something to acknowledge it. :/
Kytheira Featured By Owner Edited Apr 21, 2015
I had this too - and today I found a post on the figverse-wiki to this:…. There is also a direct-link to the mardek 3-game! I've seen that I still can play all my saved games; it should work for you too if you played there. :)
HyperGenesect Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
So, what's going on with the Raider series? It was really good, music, platforming, and all.
Videogamemaster32 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015
Hello Pseudolonewolf. I am a huge fan of your work with art, music and games, especially the MARDEK series, which is by far the best RPG game ever! I must admit that I am very upset with, that you are remaking the games and abandoning the remaining 5 chapters of the original. But I do not write to criticize you. (I am strongly against every kind of bullying and belittlement by the way) 
I have a suggestion. Since you have outgrown your original ideas, and have no intention to finish the original MARDEK series, maybe you could give your plans for the original 5 remaining chapters of MARDEK away to a fan group, (not me, because i don't know anything of programming in flash yet) which would make these remaining chapters, while you do the reboot of the series. Maybe there exist a fan group, who have experience with making games in flash, and making midi-music. 
I know some MARDEK fans reading this, would say, that it wouldn't be the same game, but other developers have also handed over their games to another person or company, which have continiued the game series. Take for example the company, Bungie. They did it with the Halo series. And the flash developer, JonBro did it with the Riddle Transfer series. And both game series have turned out fine in my opinion, even though they weren't developed by the same developer. 
Anyway this is just a suggestion. The decision is yours. I and other fans would certainly appreciate it, but do it only if you want to, and not just to make other people happy. 
If nothing else, i have enjoyed all of your work. You are an excellent artist, and i will give the new MARDEK a try, even though i hate all the changes.

Greetings from a big fan, and may God be with you.
SwordGuardian Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
  I actually know of a few people who have displayed interest in doing what you suggested, a so called fan group that would be willing to make the games.  I don't know how good they are with midi music, but I also know some fig hunters who would be good with midi music.  I think if Pseudo would be willing to let people do this, we have more than ample people in the community.  I could even contact them now without FH being up, since I know them here on dA.
demonid Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist
So sorry, I wasn't able to say it sooner, so a -very late- happy birthday Pseudolonewolf, hope it was a good day! :confused:
ZachValkyrie Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Student Writer
Hey Pseudo, I have a question: Where did you get the name "Candriathope" from? Cause it sounds really cool!
TheGr8estOne Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015
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:bademoticon: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

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Sonic (Uh-ah) [V2] HAPPY BIRTHDAY 
Sonic :D  Yay

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BROFIST ..........
Aeriberri Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
happy birthday i hope you're not doing shitty
Draconet Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Student General Artist
Happy Birthday :)
Laylakl Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday! Have an amazing day! ^^ :huggle:
Richforce Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015
Happy Birthday! I'm sure it will be the best one you've had in a long time.
Bernuviel Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I'm wishing you a very happy Birthday, dear Pseudo! Have a wonderful day! :D
Anonymous-Koala Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday!
demonid Featured By Owner Edited Jan 28, 2015  Hobbyist
Why? How is that "why"? Cause I want to do so of course, you silly! =3=
SimonsArtbookService Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'm sure Stephen Georg would get along so well with you. He has admitted that Earthbound and Shadow of the Colossus are two of his favourite games of all time.

Shadow of the Colossus brought me to StephenPlays, and I'm glad it did. Otherwise I would not have had a favourite youtuber.

I've got some crazy game ideas that I think you night like the idea of (Don't swamp yourself with these ideas. They might not suit your style. Plus It just might take up a huge amount of space in your time and games so don't exhaust yourself with them with the specific ideas I had in mind).
Unthought of mechanics such as a Dieting system that works the same as ours does in cooperation with an exercise system. Certain food and certain exercise will promote healing speed, running speed, overall health bar, stamina, strength, and other stats.
And dialogue Possibility where the character has more than one possible thing to say. Making people want to play the game over again so they can hear the other possibilities (Again try not to exhaust yourself with this one too much. Especially on long cutscenes).

If you have the time. Will you read my book? (It's the one I had the gaming ideas in mind for in case someone wants to make a game version of it, But I'll be directing it) I know you have a lot of work to on your own time so I don't mind if you decide not to read it.

By the way. I have played the Mardek Series. I am very proud of the story, the friendship between Mardek and Deugan, the emotion, and most of all, the effort.
You have put so much time and creativity into the Mardek Series.
Me and my brother enjoyed it so much when we first saw chapters one and two in our childhood because Mardek and Deugan looked so much like us. He's got the blond hair and I've got the brown hair.

My book The Legend of Lammatto Grey: The Lost Lands also has undying friendship. But unlike Mardek and Deugan, they are through their bond inseparable. They would do anything to stay together. If they got separated and one was presumed dead, that one would just want to see the other one and hug him on sight without covering his face. If you really feel like you should not spend your time reading it then I understand that you don't have to. I don't want to read it, then don't read it. But if you really want to and you have the spare time, then here it is. And I apologize for talking so long. I just have this huge tendency to express my feelings.
Joxallta Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D :wave:
zeroxlim Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
Im re-playing Mardek series, and it is awesome. Thank you for the game and hope I could play the next chapter in no time!!!
IzaPug Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Professional General Artist
ahw mah glob :)
your artwork is awesomeee
Pseudolonewolf Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! Your art is WAY better though, wow; I'd love to be able to draw as well as you someday!
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