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Do you feel that you are providing a service / performing a show for your watchers, and that it is your duty to please them? 

27 deviants said No; I submit things based on my own feelings; how my watchers might feel doesn't enter into the equation
20 deviants said Somewhere in the middle
14 deviants said I don't produce art / I don't have watchers
2 deviants said Yes; I choose what to submit based on whether my watchers might appreciate / expect it

My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 5:56 PM

The lovely deviantART first entered my life back in the muggy summer of '04. It all began with a chance glance across a lifeboat crowded with hundreds upon hundreds of panicking people in the middle of the river Ganges during the mightiest storm you ever did see. Oh, the way she scraped that alarming number of large coconut crabs out of her hair while screeching... It was simply divine. I was taken immediately. Later, she came to rescue me and so I grew to like her for that. 

As the years went on, we became closer and closer, until we shared one body and I simply wasn't sure where I ended and she began. Maybe there was no end and no beginning. What a thought. It makes my mind hurt thinking about it. It really, really hurts. I'm in a lot of pain.

I think it was her big scaly lizards that did it for me at the start. The winged things with violent halitosis. Oh, they were beauties, they were. I got some pleasure out of clenching a stick of graphite in a nervous fist and forging crude depictions of them in a nervous fit. My chicken scratches looked like the scribbles of a chicken, but I pinned them to deviantART's ample bosom nonetheless for all to see and ridicule.

Before long, I came in contact with the consciousnesses of other poor souls she'd enveloped over the years. There was golden delight in the shared waltz of our echoed screams for help. "Help me!", they'd screech, and I'd screech "Help me!" too. Then we'd smile because it was as if we were brothers. Sisters. Siblings. Uncles. And the like. It was nice. We bonded. Like James.

My clumsy fist became more and more nimble the more fire-belching beasts it carved out, until eventually it was so nimble, so dextrous, that I held the picture-stick in one finger and waggled it about with my eyes closed, producing svelter aerial lizards than I'd ever dream of or imagined during my earliest years. They danced off the leaves they were etched into and swam around in the air around my head. They made me dizzy.

Speaking of which, I wish I could talk about how much I love the role that deviantART has played in my life and all that, as everyone else happily can. But that sentiment just won't flow casually out of my clearly-damaged mind!!!! I've been here for a decade, and while I can definitely say it's been a big, huge, massive, enormous part of my life, it's not all been chipperiness and cheer. I met the only girlfriend I've ever had through this site, which is a good thing, though that's a thing of the past now, which is not. I've also met others, though I've probably not become all that close to anyone else. These days I feel sort of distant, and I miss the days when socialising here was something I did happily and eagerly rather than something I had to tell myself to do in the hope that it might eventually get me out of my mental rut.

I have however improved dramatically art-wise due to the sheer volume and variety that this site offers... yet at the same time it intimidated me for years and put me off drawing at all since I just couldn't compare. So it's been very double-edged in that sense.

I love deviantART in the way that I might love an angry uncle who has a lot of money. I get something out of his presence in my life for sure, but there's a lot to be wary about too, and sometimes absolute avoidance seems best. Also, I don't have any angry uncles. Or any uncles at all. How interesting.

To conclude my perplexing ramble that's likely to make at least some people seriously wonder if I'm mentally ill, I shall include some not-so-pretty pictures.

Keleidragon by Pseudolonewolf

Here's the oldest thing I have in my gallery! Wow! Gasp! Those were the days and so on! Back when I had hair and my skeleton wasn't made of cyborg bits. When I used to ride my pet tyrannosaurus to my job at the pebble mine. Not that I had a job back then, being a little sprog and all. Not that I have a job now. I weep.

Return of the Kaleidragon by Pseudolonewolf

I redrew that same dragon after being on this site for a while, and this is what it looked like. So scratchy. So sloppy. It doesn't look very friendly. I bet it is though, deep down inside. I bet it has a heart of gold. I bet it gives to charities and cuddles puppies when it's not glowering and scowling. For shame on you for judging its characters based on its looks. For shame.

Elemental Dragon V4: ETHER by Pseudolonewolf

I drew these elemental dragon things towards the end of my first time on this lovely site. Oh, those were the days. Oh, the memories. Back when I rode my triceratops to work at the cave factory. Not that I had a job back then. I was a thief. A dirty rotten thief. Thanks for bringing back those bad memories. I thought I'd buried them for good. I'll have nightmares tonight for sure.

Zaffre and Cerise 3 by Pseudolonewolf

When I came back to deviantART's tender, loving, bouncy embrace after a cowardly absence as long as a titanic sausage, I was drawing things like this. People. Badly. Ugly, ugly cretins, they are. They make me sick. Ugh. Vomit. Cringe. Look at them, with their flaws. How dare they be imperfect. How dare they.

Daily 1 - Cerise by Pseudolonewolf

But then coming back here has allowed me to get to this point. I thank it from the bottom of my barely-beating heart. Now I commit the sin of ugliness far more softly, and will spend fewer eternities in the fires of Hell. Thank you, deviantART, for sparing me from several myriad eons immersed in posthumous conflagration. I appreciate it. I would give you a hug, but I don't have any. Unless you've got change for a sex? No? That's a lie. You're always changing. Why did you lie to me, deviantART? Why?

Have you ever...?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 6, 2014, 4:08 AM

Have you ever been so completely enthralled by a creative project that you become utterly consumed by it, such that the world flies by around you and before you know it, a week has passed in a blur and you've missed sleep and meals due to spending the whole time in a constant flow state?!


I suppose few people are afforded the luxury of an environment where that would be possible... Since I have no life or friends or normal-person real-world job or, uh... I mean, since I work from home and live an independent existence (sigh), I have a lot of time to focus on my creative projects, and so I do. Or at least I try to. Often it's a challenge though; I like drawing, in theory, but often it's difficult just to pick up the tablet pen. I like making games, but often that's a chore too. It's rare that I become so completely enchanted by the creative experience, the deep need to get an idea out, to make it a reality, so I'm happy to give myself up to it completely to it when it does consume me.

But then that leads to the next thing!

Have you ever gone so long without doing something you used to love that you don't know how to get back into it anymore?

I'm like that at the moment with socialising in general. I've even got out of the habit of replying to comments or commenting on art, so I just don't give myself time in the day to do it, and I feel bad about that. I also haven't talked to anyone at all in real time for a long, long time, so while I'd like to, the fact that I've gone so long without it makes me feel like I'd only do it all wrong and make the other person uncomfortable and bleh. Or they might say something that to most people would be completely normal, but I'd have no idea how to reply. It's not the nicest position to be trapped in.

Still. Rather than going on and on about it, I'd like to at least do something. Sadly - or perhaps it's for the best - the creativity bug has stopped infecting me, and now I'm burned out. I suppose it's time to get around to replying to things now!! Sorry for taking so long if you've said anything at me and were expecting a reply!!! Though since I've been so socially distant for so long, maybe nobody was.

Journal History


Tobias Cornwall
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I love reading long bios on people's profiles, so this may be quite long!

My Work

I've been working as an independent games developer for a few years, specialising in RPGs made in Flash. I do all the work on them myself: the art, code, writing, and music, and I probably go overboard with all of those things! Some of my games were moderately successful a few years ago; two of them got daily deviations and everything! Wow, gasp! I just know you'll be impressed by my pair of DDs. I don't mind if you stare.

It's a very isolating path to follow, though, working on games alone from home, and I haven't finished a game in a while because of this loneliness... I'm hoping to get an RPG of sorts released on Steam soon, though. That might be exciting.

I'm currently doing a games art course at some kind of university, to get out of the house as much as anything, though I've been rather unsuccessful at finding friends here! Sad!

I've always been into fantasy art, particularly dragons, though I've been getting into drawing humans recently. I really like expressive, emotional pieces and strongly stylised styles! Art is likely to remain a hobby for me, though I do use my art skills - such as they are - to make the graphics for my games.

My Personality

I'd describe myself as introverted, sensitive, and empathetic; I feel what you feel, and I hate to hurt. I've gone through life feeling 'different' from others when it comes to core values... but I love finding those rare people I can relate to on a deep and meaningful level!

I currently have only online acquaintances and no close friends, and I lost all my in-person friends when moving country a few years ago (and met none while making games from home, because how would I?), so I'm sort of on the lookout for people I can form meaningful and entertaining bonds with! I've met some wonderful people on this site in the past, so I really hope that I can do so again! I feel rather rusty when it comes to talking to others, though, so sorry if I'm awkward at first!

I particularly like lending an empathetic ear to people who want someone to talk about their worries with, as I know how it is to want someone to talk to in a deeper way like that and get understanding and support in return. I've had difficulties with anxiety, depression and loneliness in the past - indeed, they still plague me at least somewhat - so I'd be particularly able to relate to concerns like that.

I'm single, and really wish this wasn't so but have no idea how I'd ever possibly meet anyone! It's terrifying, quite frankly!

The silly INFJ ~ EII ~ 4w5-5w4-9w1 Sx/So thing I have below my name up there is my PERSONALITY TYPES. I'm somewhat obsessed with those personality type system things, because I love learning more about why people do the things they do, and why people don't act the same way as myself. Discovering them was really enlightening!

I'm actually working on a website about personality types, which you can see here if you're curious:

A brief summary:

:bulletblue: INFJ - Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging: I am introverted, and am drained by interactions but really seek deep bonds. I'm intuitive, which means I focus more on abstract concepts and fantasies over real-life practical things. I'm 'feeling', which means that I value emotions, understanding and support over cold logic, facts, or blunt problem-solving. The 'judging' bit is harder to explain, but it basically means I tend to prefer planning rather than spontaneity.

:bulletblue: EII - Ethical Intuitive Introvert: This is similar to INFJ, but it means that I specifically love to talk about personal things on a deeper level, and I'm always seeking them out. I share my own thoughts and feelings and love doing the same with others, getting to know them at their core. However, I tend to assess whether or not I may be 'compatible' with someone when I talk to them, and the idea of talking at length with someone very unlike me worries me due to a fear of conflict.

:bulletblue: 4w5 - Enneatype 4 is all about feeling different from others. They are emotionally sensitive, they see beauty in melancholy, and they worry a lot about the things that set them apart from others. It isn't a case of being a 'special snowflake'; rather, it's a worry about being unable to genuinely connect on a deep and meaningful level. They are also very open and honest about their feelings and weaknesses rather than trying to seem better or more enigmatic than they are. 4w5 means a type 4 with traits of type 5, described below.

:bulletblue: 5w4 - Enneatype 5 is all about concerns with competence. Type 5s retreat away from the world to work on their skills, feeling that they can only face the world when they master a specific ability. They tend to be introverted observers rather than active participants, and have an intellectual vibe about them.

:bulletblue: 9w1 - Enneatype 9 seeks peace and calmness, avoiding conflict; they hate to be a bother to others. Type 1 is very moral and responsible; perfectionistic, even. 9w1 combines traits of the two.

:bulletblue: Sx/So - This basically means that I value, look for, think about and worry about intense intimacy, and how other people feel about me, rather than about being safe or comfortable. As such, I bare my heart freely in the hope that someone will think "I can relate to that!" and approach me, from which an intense relationship might blossom, rather than being guarded and secretive in order to avoid harm.

Hopefully that's not all just confusing and annoying!

Things I like or don't!

I make and like games, mostly RPGs! Here is a list of some of my favourites:

• Final Fantasy
• Pokemon
• The Legend of Zelda
• Ni No Kuni
• Journey
• Chrono Trigger
• Neverwinter Nights
• Earthbound and MOTHER 3
• Xenoblade Chronicles
• The Last Story
• Tales of the Abyss
• Eternal Sonata
• Mario & Luigi series
• Jade Cocoon
• Okami
• Spyro (original trilogy)
• Ristar
• Super Mario World
• Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus
• Vagrant Story
• Monster Rancher 2
• Shadow of the Colossus
• Knytt

I don't like shooters and other dark and gritty violent things, however!

In general, I really like 'soft' and sensitive people; kindness, empathy, things like that. I like people who care!

I don't like aggression and apathy, however; people who don't care, or who hurt others for fun. Many things stem from this; I don't like guns, violence, or horror, for example. I also don't drink, smoke or do drugs... though I wish it were easier to find others who don't either! We seem to be so rare!

Mr Custom

Greetings. I'm a box! Enjoy your stay. I know I will, if you know what I mean! Ha ha ha! Oh, I'm such a jester. I should become an official jester, you know... my mother always tried to discourage me, saying "Mr Custom, you won't be a good jester, because you don't have the face for it! They'll throw roasted rotten eggs at you at speeds like those of bullets from a gun!" Silly woman. She's dead now, though. Or was she never alive? Oh, I'm probably just lying to myself to make it seem as if I'm more important than I really am. I know you're ignoring me though. You're not here to look at some insignificant BOX, surely! Bah! Fine! Go on then, leave me here, to simmer in my loneliness! I doubt you'd ask ME out on a DATE. My muscles aren't nearly large enough, since I'm a box! We're not well-known in most parts of the world for our ability to do heavy lifting and other athletic things! Gods, I'm so depressed.

Anyway, enjoy your stay, visitor. It's my pleasure to greet you. ^_^

A tome of souls!!


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LleNelleBelle Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi Pseudo, I find psychology to be interesting. I took the personality test at school and came out INFP 5w4, 9w1, 4w5. I find it interesting that ours are quite similar. Yet, I realize there are big differences. (Sorry, tried making this brief and to the point. I tend to make things long.)
Superlion123 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
thank you very much for the llama!

hope you have an awesome day!
Icarus-Skollsun Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for the fav' ! Kano Shuuya (Happy) [V7]
Your gallery is awesome by the way !!! *v*
Pseudolonewolf Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! I've seen a few of your pieces in various OC groups, and I'm always impressed by the super-clean lineart, flowing lines, expertly-chosen colours and expressive faces!
Icarus-Skollsun Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Awww, thank you ! I'm so happy to hear that ! Thank you very much ! Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5]
Shy-Waifu Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the :+fav:! <:
MorningAfterWolf Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Professional Writer
Thank you for visiting my page! :)
SquigyButt Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I really enjoy your work ^^
Can't wait to see future work from you!
NinShroom Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you ever participate in any art contests of any sort? 
VoxDimange Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Good Day (or night, whichever).
A while back you said you were looking for an internet community. I recently joined the Giant in the Playground forums (affectionately known as The Playground). Although it is nominally a D'n'D based forums, many members (including myself) are not roleplayers, so don't be worried about that.

It may or may not be a place for you: on one hand, the Playgrounders are very supportive -- there's even a long-running thread devoted to people's personal issues, the boards are very strict on abuse and bad language, and although not a majority there's a sizable female presence; on the other (usually good-natured) arguments are frequent, and there's also occasionally a surfacing of shocking elitism (steer clear of any "could X beat Y?" threads).
With that ominous warning out of the way, I think you should at least take a look at it as it is a very nice place; probably the best example is this wonderful thread:…

Something to try to do outside is Equine Assisted Therapy. In essence, it is looking after horses to help deal with shyness, anger issues and other antisocial behaviour and I have seen some very good effects. It's a lot easier to deal with a horse than a person as they don't speak, are trained to work with humans (effectiveness varies depending on the horse, but all riding schools will have some docile horses) and are sensitive animals. It's also a mostly female industry.

It will involve physical labour, having to deal with large animals as well as members of the public (or worse, dedicated horse people 0_0).
If you are seeing a therapist (something you mentioned a while ago) you could ask them what they think or to arrange it for you. Many yards offer work experience or accept volunteers, but unless you live in South London, I can't recommend any for you.

I hope that these are of help to you, and if there's something you want to know about anything here, I am willing to listen.
Suasite Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there!

I wanted to remind you of the little project you had taken part in.


Do you remember that group, where we gave you the opertunity to have full page lenght feature of just yourself? And even better! Where you could get a tons of comments?

Unfortinetly you have missed few recent features... Well we want to give you your last chance before all your previous raffles are gone! Here is this weeks feature:
Please don't miss it!

The crew of FeatureMyWork
longdefender Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  New member
Hey, Pseudo. I saw this thread on 4chan talking about your webcomic, Catharsis. I looked at it and they said you only made a few, and people on the thread were criticising Catharsis because of that. Maybe you could go to the thread and tell them why you stopped or what plans you have for it?
FeyDrake Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Just letting you know, I haven't ignored your comment or our conversation, I've been going through some stress lately and haven't really done much of ANYTHING. x.x So please don't think I forgot about you or that I don't want to talk. D: *hugs* I've just needed some personal time for myself. 

Hope you're alright!
Pseudolonewolf Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
That's understandable, and thanks for telling me! I'd assumed that I might have just scared you off, which has happened when I've approached socially anxious people in the past, or when people have approached me; I'd often just run away completely or take weeks to reply to things! I do appreciate you telling me this though!

It's upsetting to hear that you've been going through hard times! D:
I have been myself, actually, and I've been lagging behind with doing anything because of it also!
If you need someone to talk to, I'd be willing to listen and lend my support, but maybe you already have people for that! Whatever the case may be, I suppose we can talk more when we're both in a better state to be doing that!

I hope that you can get to a place where you feel better...!
snowywolf7 Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Student Writer
I would like to be friends with you but is it okay that I'm a Christian? :)
Hidden by Owner
totally-espionne Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
I don't mean to intrude, but this kind of comment is much better suited for a private means of communication, like a note. Obviously I don't know everything about him (nor am I acquainted with the incidents you mentioned), but I do know he makes great games and seems to be a funny, awesome person from what I can tell. Everything you just said is solely your opinion, and while you are obviously free to voice it, it's really in poor taste to put it out in a place where everyone can see it. I mean, how would you feel if somebody came and wrote a less-than-nice comment about you on your own page just the way you did?

Hidden by Owner
snowywolf7 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Student Writer
I see. Thanks for telling me. :)
Hidden by Owner
totally-espionne Featured By Owner May 8, 2014
Just wanted to let you know that I finally beat MARDEK 3 (including both superbosses and everything), and I would like to truly thank you for making such a great game. Everything about it was incredibly well done, not to mention addicting! Please do let me know if there is ever going to be a MARDEK 4, because you can bet I'll be one of the first ones to play it! :)

Axcido Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love your art... marry me!♥
nil Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I did a thing and thought you might be interested in my results since we tend to be so similar!

one two three
Pseudolonewolf Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Sorry about the delayed response to this! Those results are really interesting though, and a lot of them do seem to be similar to what I imagine I'd get. But now I want to do that thing myself! So could you link me to it or them to make sure I'm doing the right one or ones?!
nil Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Sure, I'd be interested in seeing what you get also!! Here are the ones I took!! for sure I believe?

There's a bunch of others here!…
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