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Eugh, this took longer to get around to than I would have liked! I'm just glad it's sort of done now... though there are parts of it I'm not entirely satisfied with! When is that NOT the case though?

Anyway, this is a character model thing for Timid Cervid, based on an image I uploaded recently which was made for this purpose!
All female cervids in the game will share this dynamic model - saving me a whole load of work - but their clothing and face and expression and stuff can change.

You can change the look of this one to a random combination by clicking on it! There are two tops and two pair of pants, or an absence of either. There are also two faces (Acorn Nose and Spring Daisy), and three really creepy-looking facial expressions that most certainly will not be in the finished product probably maybe! o_O

So yes, phew. I'll need to design loads of clothes for these, and add animations and stuff too, but the hard part is hopefully over and done with now. Hopefully.
...Though I bet that I find that due to the pose, it'll be difficult to do decent-looking animations. That'd be typical! Pfft!
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StenFox Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
D'awww they're all so cute ^D^
dewymourning Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012

I am finding this addictive...
Maniafig Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
I'm glad you made progress! :D
I do hope you can get back into this project, it seems very interesting! I also read about you saying you'd like a system where actions were like in final fantasy with casting animations and dramatic effects, it seems funny. XD

I do prefer this pose from the previous artwork over the one from that even older artwork, it seems more appropriate for Acorn Nose! I suppose it's also good that you're done with a bunch of the modeling work already! It aslo resembles the artwork a lot, and it's recognizable as a deer-person-thing, yes. o.o

I do like the basic smile face, I don't think it's creepy! I also think the clothes look good, I wonder how much variety you'd use in clothes... Whether there would be hats?! It'd be amazing to have silly hats, yes. O.o Also, would you use those clothing-less sprites ingame when you de-equip all clothes, or would you use underwear like you did with Deliverance...? Hmm, or maybe you just can't not equip clothes, that could also work. [IT'd be rather weird if you'd walk around naked around the school... Unless others did so too? There should be some inexplicable nudist NPC, yes. XD]

I do wonder though, does she seem thinner than in this image you uploaded...? [link]
Hmm, she does seem fuller in that artwork, it seems more natural and maybe healthy. o.o
Maybe that's something women and such also appreciate? I wouldn't be sure myself though. I'm not a woman. BUT I WISH I WERE ;-;
Pseudolonewolf Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As much as I like hats - I do have one on in my avatar, after all - I probably *won't* include them just because they're always really awkward to add to a model that can have all kinds of different hairstyles... It usually requires redrawing every hairdo to have a 'with a hat on' version, which is a pain, especially when it wouldn't even work with every style of hat. Males will also have antlers, which will very much get in the way!

I will keep them NAKED like this for the actual game, since, well, they have fur, and it's not the same as a naked human, at least to me. I think of it as nudity in the same way that this is! [link] (whose name also includes 'Acorn', come to think of it; I did not have that character in mind when designing this character or these cervids though!)
And I think underwear would look weird... I might make characters comment about you walking around nude, though!
You'll START the game nude, actually, and will have to get dressed (there'll be three different sets of shirts and pants in Acorn Nose's room to choose from, letting you customise right from the start rather than her having a default outfit), but she might refuse to go outside unless you put something on first.

I did make this model thinner than the one in that image. That thing has a line going down its side, as a part of the top, and I cut the torso off there. I know it's doing what I said I didn't want to and portraying an unrealistic level of slimness, but at least it's not nearly as bad as Pokemon humans!
Maniafig Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Oh, yeah, I didn't really take those factors into account, which was rather silly of me, oops. o.o
Are all NPCs going to be solely other students? [Well, and school faculty I suppose, teachers, and maybe INSANE JANITORS, and DEMENTED LUNCH LADIES, yes.]

The naked sprite actually reminded me of a party member from a Paper Mario game, who was essentially some naked sprite with HUGE BREASTS, but it was okay since she wasn't very human nor did she have nipples. o.o [link]
It's rather funny how you can get away with that sort of thing in even E for Everyone games, but adding some dot would probably make it HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE, totally logical. :P
Anyway, it's interesting that you'd start the game with a choice of outfits, hmm, interesting! I do wonder whether you'd make clothing articles as silly as you did with CRPG, but I can see that being a pain to animate and impractical in general.

It'd be hard to top Pokémon humans. Maybe if you had no torso at all. :P
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